Modifikasi Perilaku pada Anak Sibling Rivalry

Widya Lestari Widya Lestari


Competition between siblings or commonly reffered to as sibling rivalry can be interpreted as a competition between siblings of the same sex or different. This competition is characterized by envy, jealousy and competition. Compete to get something like mothers attention, new toys and more. Actually it is natural that competition arises between siblings. Further attention is needed if there are persistent tensions and conflicts between siblings that are difficult to overcome. For older children or older siblings this is often confusing. Their daily habits are disrupted because previously with mother and father while now the attention of parents turn to younger sibling. This can be very disappointing to them. After the younger sibling came to the house their would be see a change in their life. Older siblings will realize that their parents no longer have as much time together as before. Their will realize if the new baby will get a lot of attention from parents. Appears aggressive behavior toward siblings that increases in quantity and intensity, such as pushing, pinching or disturbing their sibling. Another common behavior is that child tends to neglect his daily duties and responsibilities as an excuse to get the attention of his parents. Negative behavior arising from competition between siblings can be reduced by behavior modification using the economic token method. Economic token method include the most succesfull way of changing behavior in the history of psycology and are quite capable of reducing negative behavior for children who experience impaired between sibling competition. 

Keywords: behavior modification, sibling rivalry, negative behavior

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