Program Kemitraan Masyarakat (PKM) Pesantren Di Desa Tanjung Kecamatan Mempawah Hilir Kabupaten Mempawah Kalimantan Barat

Togar Fernando Togar Fernando


Mempawah Hilir sub-district is a coastal area which to get a pure water is so hard to obtained. In an area like this the ground water is muddy with reddish-brown color with pH of 2 - 5 (acid), such water is unfit for drinking. The  issue was the necessity of pure water are routinely faced, so to fulfill the necessity of pure water both partners usually rely on Rain Shelter  to eat and drink while the other necessities are taken from well water (pond) and a brown murky sewage. The solution from the team was to transfer the knowledge and the Appropriate technology (MMF) in the form of a Well Water Treatment Installation into a pure water that is feasible to be consume. The output Target was a partner can process the well water with MMF technology suitable with the standard of health water quality and partner can process pure water in a simple way using natural resources in the surrounding. The approach method used was to provide counseling / socialization to both partners, continued with the demonstration, assembly training and use of MMF technology tools. The results of the activities were 1) the sequences of two sets of Water Treatment Installation complete with its spesification, 2) The condition of processed water MMF can be utilized by santri in Pesantren and the citizen for pray  and others.


Keywords: MMF, Pesantren, Pure water, and Tanjung village

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